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 Live With Bomethius 

 Great New Singer-Sonwriter

Thursday July 18th 9PM CDT

"Bomethius is manic indifference. He is every portion of my personality and character that I feel the need to outgrow. Every song is sparked by a renewed effort to either actively outgrow something, or to resist that growth. In this way, the music gives voice to not only the things I want to outgrow, but also to my attempt at outgrowing those things (or failure thereof). Initially, the point was to be vulnerable to the nth degree while still hiding behind the character — so that my audience was more uncomfortable than I was. But at every point where I have found myself more uncomfortable, I tend to find that I am growing in terms of what my art probably should be — as opposed to what it has been. Sweet Nothings makes me the most uncomfortable of all of my work to date, and I believe this to be a good thing.

  To grapple with the feeling of homelessness, to miss your beloved, to juggle the difference between real love and unhealthy dependency, to wave goodbye to an ex, to verbatim quote and express disappointment in a long time friend and a family member, to wrestle with God, to play the violin... These aren't generally pleasant things, but I think I've managed to get closer to caging unpleasantness in more pleasant ways. Perhaps that's the end for Bomethius. Until I die, I will work to pleasantly convey the unpleasant.  "

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